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Many consider October 15, 1932 as the birth of civil aviation sector in India, when the founder of Air India - J.R.D. Tata flew from Karachi to Mumbai. Since then, Air India has served domestic as well as international travellers through regular flights. The AI airlines not only connect to metropolitans and state capitals but also to smaller cities. The national carrier is a preferred traveling option of many as it offers a range of benefits – be it cheap flights for budget conscious travelers, state-of-the-art first class or services like online booking, mobile booking, web check-in and round-the-clock support. There are also special offers provided by AI, such as Companion Schemes, Airport Upgrades and Corporate House Benefits, among others. Besides the crew is courteous and takes care of every need of travelers. All this and much more is offered by the flag bearer Air India to ensure that travelers have a smooth and comfortable flight to their destination.

Air India Top International Routes

Bangalore to Kathmandu Chennai to Dubai New Delhi to Kathmandu
Chennai to Singapore Chennai to Kathmandu New Delhi to Singapore
Mumbai to Singapore New Delhi to Dubai Bangalore to Dubai

Air India International Sectors

Air India connects to major international destinations across continents. The airlines international flights are available for American cities like Los Angeles, New York and Washington, as well as for European destinations like London, Paris and Amsterdam. AI international routes extend to as far as Sydney as well as to nearby Colombo and Kathmandu. For booking, passengers can always take assistance of AI call centre.

Air India Domestic Sectors

Air India is one of the few airlines that connect different parts of the country through regular flights. These short-haul routes are connected by Airbus A320 family and recently, by Boeing 787. There are around 50 cities and towns connected by AI flights, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. It also connects capital cities, such as Patna, Jaipur, Imphal, Agartala, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Lucknowand Thiruvananthapuram. Moreover, all the popular tourist destinations are connected by AI flights, such as Agra, Goa and Leh. For travelling to these domestic destinations, travellers can easily book tickets online.

Air India Baggage, Flight Status, Web Check In, Schedule, History

Air India has made efforts to make travelling a fun experience for passengers by offering a range of facilities, including online ticket booking and flight schedule information. Throughout its history, AI has upgraded its existing services as well as introduced many to help passengers manage their trip without hassle. Among its many offerings, the web check in option has made life simpler for travellers. Also, the availability of flight status as well as information regarding baggage on the web has proved to be extremely beneficial. There is also free baggage allowance option available for certain destinations, which not many passengers know about. To know about all the services and facilities, passengers can check the website. There is also a call centre managed by Air India in different regions, including India, USA, Canada and UK for assistance of passengers. They can easily get information regarding anything, be it ticket booking, routes or check in.

Air India Offers

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Airports Served for Air India

There are several international city airports served by Air India, including Washington, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Istanbul, Gulf, Muscat, Colombo, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Sydney etc. Besides, innumerable domestic destinations are connected by Air India airlines, such as Agra, Bhopal, Coimbatore, Dimapur, Goa, Imphal, Jammu, Kochi, Leh, Madurai, Nagpur, Patna, Ranchi, Shillong, Trichy, Udaipur, Vadodara and many more.

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